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Rice Family

White Rice And Stew ₦500

It looks simple but when garnished with the various ingredients of stew makes it enticing.

Fried Rice ₦500

A complete blend of good quality ingredients stir-fried with rice gives this delicacy.

Jollof Rice ₦500

A spiced dish simmered in tomatoes, onions, peppers with special seasonings.

Flesh Foods(Protein)

Chicken ₦500

Deep fried, coated with seasoned flour, pepper and spices giving it a crisp exterior.

Beef ₦500

Immersed in heated oil with addition of spices, left to dry well.

Goat Meat ₦500

Boiled till tender, then fried till golden brown.

Fried Fish ₦500

Covered in special spices, pepper with a spice of lemon, garnished with onions and fried dry.

Beans Family

Beans ₦400

A delicious, savory mix of black-eyed, white or brown beans rich in protein.

Moi-Moi ₦300

Traditional meal made from mixture of beans, onions, peppers, spices and other ingredients.

Plantain ₦100

Sweet and soft inside, ripe plantain fried till tom brown.


Egusi Soup ₦500

Thickened creamy special soup made from melon seeds containing leafy vegetables and spices.

Afang Soup ₦800

Made from afang vegetables, very nutritious with a slightly bitter taste.

Okro Soup ₦500

Popular delicacy cooked by Nigerians, slimy in a good way.

Oha Soup ₦700

Rich, nutritious and delicious traditional soup recipe gotten from an evergreen tree.

White Soup ₦800

Mouth watering delicacy made without the use of palm oil using leaves.

African Swallow

Pounded Yam ₦400

Smooth, white, tasty and inviting, having the soft feel on your hands.

Fufu ₦200

Wet paste delicious, starchy, smooth and stretchy.

Semo ₦200

Refined, soft-felt swallow made from flour easy to eat

Garri ₦200

Staple processed food, dry, crispy, creamy-white and granular


Meatpie ₦400

Savoury, delicious pastry filled with sliced meat and other ingredients

Sausage Roll ₦300

Pastry snack having small amount of sausage meat

Fish Roll ₦300

Deep fried with mashed fish and other ingredients.

Doughnuts ₦250

Fried puffed up sweet dough for the taking.

Croissant ₦300

Rich buttery crescent-shaped roll of dough have flaky, crispy texture.

Popcorn ₦300

Heated grain pf corn burst into large light puff.

Ice Cream

Strawberry ₦1200

Blend of fresh frozen straw berries flavored with eggs, cream and other ingredients.

Vanilla ₦800

Frozen sweet desserts combination plus other ingredients.

Coconut(250ml) ₦500

Excellent frozen, chewy sweet coconut creamy, soft and mild in the mouth.

Coconut(150ml) ₦300

A spiced dish simmered in tomatoes, onions, peppers with special seasonings.

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Fried Potato Chips And Egg


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